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Taking Measurments
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Private Fittings

Miss Mommy Creations provides stylish designs and Private Fittings services to all clients. My customizable outfit options are available in a variety of materials. As with all services provided, my Private Fittings options leave the decision up to you in terms of style and cut. Most importantly, you’ll feel confident and look great.

Style Consultations

With my Style Consultations services, each client’s measurements, style preferences, and wardrobe needs are integrated with great detail into a unique set of designs. Working with the finest materials, I hand cut, sew, and finish garments so they’ll fit right, look great, and wear well for any business or social occasion. Every stitch is perfect, and everyone will notice the Miss Mommy Creations difference.

Custom Alterations

Wear your outfits with confidence. Who can deny the allure and appeal of someone well dressed in a perfectly tailored outfit? When custom made and properly fitted by Miss Mommy Creations, your clothing will make heads turn. My Custom Alterations services are just what you need to show the world the essence of your personal style.


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